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The Gin RevolutionDid you know that Spain is one of the largest consumers of Gin in the World. That’s a lot of Gin.

In days gone by, the British had very little choice when it came to Gin: There was pretty much just Gordon’s and Beefeater. But these days as the Internet has removed geographic boundaries your choices have expanded.

The Gin Revolution is upon us!

Consumer choice has had an interesting affect on the Gin Industry. Drinkers have become more discerning. Social Media, reviews and blog articles give people the confidence to try something new and experiment. They will now try and find a gin that is more suited to their own individual palette – no longer will bland gins be tolerated. People are expecting something flavoursome and more complex.

To become a Gin Connoisseur you need to know your ‘botanicals’ – these are the aromatics used in gin distillation – and the list keeps on growing. The most common gin style is London Dry Gin which is dry, crisp and juniper driven with hints of citrus peel, herbs, and milder spices. New Western Gins are notable for using exciting, non-traditional gin flavours. Juniper is still a key botanical but less dominant, letting other botanicals take a greater share of the palate. There’s a botanical democracy emerging!

Pure Spain’s Gin Botanicals sets are the perfect way to add flavour and aromas to almost any gin; experimenting with key botanicals in the comfort of your own home. These are little test tubes of botanicals that you add to your drink. You have a choice of three with the starter pack – Pink Pepper, Cardamon or Juniper Berries – or the more adventurous can dip into the Botanicals Box Set which offers 7 different botanicals as well as a braided spoon and ‘jigger’!

How many Gins?

Spain has more than 30 gin brands of its own. From Gin Mare to Larios, from Nordes to Xoriguer.

We love Xoriguer Gin– it has to be one of Spain’s most classic gins. Originating from Mahon in Menorca, it was first made for a thirsty bunch of 18th century English sailors stationed in Menorca. Xoriguer makes gin from distilled wine and juniper, infused with the Pons family’s special selection of botanicals.

Spanish Tonic

In the 16th century the Spanish wife of the Viceroy of Peru fell ill with malaria. In trying to cure the lady local doctors brought her the bark of the ‘fever tree’ in an attempt to reduce her fever. This ‘water recipe’ was then brought back to Europe and Fever Tree is now the most popular tonic in Spain.

Authentic Spanish Gin Balloon Glasses

In Britain, we tend to serve Gin in a tall glass with lots of ice and tonic. However, in Spain, Gin is most often served in balloon glasses. That’s why Pure Spain now sell them on the website.

Gin Pilgrimage to Spain

If you get the opportunity, do try and visit the Boca Chica in Barcelona.

If you can get a seat, you will need it to take everything in. Framing the bar and its infinite collection of bottles are a pair of elephant tusks. The design of the bar is something to behold with dangling large balloon lights, mirrored ceiling, Persian carpets and a tree. And a recent TripAdvisor review suggests that the toilets are equally decorated.

If you need some fresh air and a view on Spanish night-life, wander up to the terrace bar.

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