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Flor de Sal – the purest form of Sea Salt

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We recently visited the salt flats of D’ Es Trenc, in Mallorca, as we wanted to understand a little more about the salt we import. Sal d’Es Trenc are the only producers of Flor de Sal in the Balearics .

In days gone by salt was used as a form of payment to Roman soldiers. “salarium”. . .the soldier’s pay was originally salt and the word ‘salary’ derives from this. Salt has caused wars too! – an exorbitant salt tax fuelled the French revolution, and India’s independence can be attributed partly to the Raj Salt monopoly.

In modern day life it’s a key ingredient that’s found in most of our dishes. Salt comes in various guises: Standard table salt, Rock salt, Sea salt and the gourmet Flor de Sal.

Salt, for all its simplicity can be a labour of love.

It’s skilled work to create what we all consider to be a standard product from a natural resource. Seawater is affected by the seasons, so it’s important to understand the environment when producing something that has the complexity of a snowflake but is not too flaky – just enough so you can crush it between your fingers. Flor de Sal salt grains are bigger, but not unnaturally so, and strong enough not to dissolve immediately.

The harvesting and production of Flor de Sal is done by hand and is skimmed from the surface of the salt pans and dried under the Mediterranean sun.  At it’s simplest form Flor de Sal is all about Sea water, Sun and Sea breeze.

Flor de Sal is formed when initial crystallisation takes place in the salt pans. This floating layer of salt crystals is formed by a natural process that helps to evolve the taste of the salt. When the sun gently heats the water in the salt pans and the wind blows across the salt flats, the magnesium within in seawater is one of the first elements to rise to the surface. This is why Flor de Sal d’Es Trenc contains between 16 and 20 times more magnesium than common sea salt – magnesium acts as a natural flavour enhancer. It also has double the potassium and calcium content as well as over 80 minerals and trace elements. Its sodium chloride content, the main constituent of common salt, is unusually very low.

After all these processes take place what remains and is delivered in Flor de Sal D’Es Trenc’s stunning tins is a delicate gourmet salt that’s balanced, smooth and slightly moist – this allows the taste to linger for longer.

One of the most common mistakes people make is to add a gourmet sea salt to boiling water, because the more extreme temperature will change it’s structure and lose all its unique character. Flor De Sal is a delicate salt. It works best when you season the dish after it’s cooked; its one of those small but indispensible touches – like an exceptional olive oil – that transforms an ordinary meal into a culinary delight!

As a testament to its quality, Flor De Sal d’Es Trenc has picked up a few awards over the years.


If you want to try it for yourself. Here is a selection of our products.

Flor de Sal d’Es Trenc Natural

Natural Flor de Sal d’Es Trenc has universal appeal for every dish.
With nothing added to the salt this makes a great flavour enhancer.
Website: Flor de Sal d’Es Trenc Natural

Flor de Sal d’Es Trenc Mediterranea

Mediterranea Salt includes herbs like Rosemary, Marjoram, Thyme and Oregano which makes it a great addition to salads and red meat.
Website: Flor de Sal d’Es Trenc Mediterranea

Flor de Sal d’Es Trenc Olivas Negras

A black olives flavoured salt that makes an excellent additions to tomato and Mozzarella salads, rocket salads and pasta.
Website: Flor de Sal d’Es Trenc Olivas Negras

Flor de Sal d’Es Trenc Sri Lanka

This Flor de sal contains a blend of 9 spices – coriander seed, tumeric and cardamom give the salt its oriental aroma; chilli, black and cayenne pepper provide the spiceness, while cinnamon and clove round off the flavour.
Website: Flor de Sal d’Es Trenc Sri Lanka

Flor de Sal d’Es Trenc Deluxe Pack

A luxury salt selection for true salt gourmands. The pack contains 5 salts – Flor de Sal Natural plus 4 flavoured blends including Flor de Sal Mediterranea (mixed herbs), Flor de Sal Olivas Negras (black olive), Flor de Sal Sri Lanka (Eastern spices) and Flor de Sal Rosa (rose). Each pack contains 50g of salt.
Website: Flor de Sal d’Es Trenc Deluxe Pack