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Christmas Dinner Parties – Choose the right water

solanDinner Party season is upon us and whether for family gatherings or good friends, keeping your guests hydrated will prevent sore heads the following day!

Paying close attention to the food and wine are obvious priorities, but according to the Daily Mail:

“Napkins and water – so many people forget these, especially water. They’re so important to have on the table and always be topped up”.

When you visit a restaurant don’t you love it when they leave a bottle of cold water on the table. Why not do the same for your guests?

Choosing the right water for the table

The first option is the simplest – a pitcher of iced tap water. It is perfectly acceptable to leave a regularly topped-up pitcher of tap water on the table. If you wish, you can then add sprigs of mint, lemon or almost any fruit combination.

Also, why the not take a tip from restaurant trade. Pour your tap water into a swing-top bottle. It will look significantly trendier than a jug.

Sparking or still ?

Did you know that some of the finest sommelier’s in the world are trained as water connoisseurs. It’s true. The Doemens Academy in Gräfelfing in West Munich trains sommeliers in the finer details of bottled mineral water and how to pair with food.

Water attributes include the texture – this is down to the fineness of the bubbles. So if you are serving a delicate course, say oysters or fish, you might consider a lightly carbonated water, such as Vichy Catalan, where the carbonation occurs naturally.

Bigger more robust flavours such as steak can tolerate more fizz.

You can also pair mineral waters to wine. For fresh and fruity whites try a light still water with low mineral content. For young reds and full-bodied wines, try sparkling water to match their acidity levels.

A Branded Choice

In the UK alone there are over 150 bottled waters. Today’s marketing and advertising means that many people walk around with brands already in their heads. Highland Spring, Buxton, Evian and San Pellegrino – all these common waters will attract attention of your guest depending on their pre-conceptions of that brand.

Spain produce award-winning mineral waters so why not ring the changes this Christmas.

Solan de Cabras is a bottled still mineral water from Spain. It is considered one of the oldest bottled water companies in the World. It is immediately recognisable from it’s iconic blue bottle and is little known here in the UK.

9 Things you didn’t know about Solan de Cabras

1) It’s one of the oldest bottled water companies in the world.
2) It’s the official water of Real Madrid C.F.
3) 300 bottles are sold in Spain – every minute
4) The Blue bottle helps protect its contents from Sunlight.
5) Officially launched in the UK in 2016.
6) Sourced from a single spring located in Cuenca
7) It’s recommended by the Spanish Association of Dieticians and Nutritionists
8) Is certified under European Regulations 1221/2009
9) Every bottle has Braille embossed

Vichy Catalan is one of the best known sparkling mineral waters in Spain. Vichy Catalan has a very high mineral content with natural carbonation. It is known to aid digestion with high bicarbonates and sodium content. It is one of the great tasting mineral waters and is particularly refreshing with a meal.

The water was first bottled in 1889 but there is evidence of the thermal water around Caldes de Malavella having been in use since pre-historic times.

Here is a link to both waters.