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Put Spanish Cheeses On Your Cheese Board This Christmas

If you’re looking to really wow your guests this Christmas, you need to buy some delicious Spanish cheese to ensure December is the tastiest month yet.

Spanish cheeses can often be overlooked when planning your Christmas cheese board, but really shouldn’t be if you want to experiment with some lesser known, and high-quality cheeses.

So what should you look out for?


One of the best-known Spanish cheeses is Manchego which is normally sold as a tapas dish which (in the UK anyway) brings visions of warm evenings and wine. Despite this it is a perfect cheese to bring out at Christmas due to its full-bodied salty flavour, and the almost smoky characteristic of this cheese.

Choose a semi-curado and pair it with a quince membrillo to make the most of the seasonal treats on offer.


This blue cheese is a great alternative to Roquefort or Gorgonzola. It may even take the place of Stilton if you really like it. This strong salty blue cheese is perfect alongside hams and other meats at Christmas, meaning it really earns its place on the table.


Impress your guests by serving this cheese up for dessert. If you haven’t heard of it before this cheese is a soft and creamy cow’s milk cheese from Galicia. You can use it a little like ricotta or mascarpone and if you prefer, you can also serve it as a starter and use its lemony and herby notes to pair it with other citrusy events on the menu.

Still not sure, try this recipe from Olive magazine.