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Having A Spanish Christmas? Here Are Some Menu Ideas!

There are just 24 days left until December 25th so you’d better start planning your festive menus if you really want to impress friends and family this year. While it’s fun to stick with tradition and serve up turkey with all the trimmings, if you want to do something a little different why don’t you consider a Spanish menu? Here are just a few recipe ideas you might fall in love with.


Gambas al Ajillo (grilled shrimp with garlic)

Seafood makes a great festive starter because it’s simple, doesn’t take long to cook but is special enough that people won’t have spent the last 12 months eating nothing but shrimp. All you need for this recipe is garlic, shrimp, ancho chilli powder and fresh thyme. Yummy!

First course

Sopa de galets

This is really typical fare for a true-blue Spanish Christmas so must be included in your menu this year. A galet is a kind of pasta that comes in a fun shell shape. Look out for bigger versions and combine them with some meatballs for a really delicious festive soup.

Second course

Slow-roasted Andalusian-style lamb and potatoes

Ask your butcher for a leg of lamb with the bone in for this recipe. Then all you need is some garlic, thyme, bay leaves, potatoes, tomatoes, onions and some dry white wine. The good bit about this recipe is that you can roast your lamb two days in advance so can get the jump on Christmas Day quickly!


Spanish sweets

You’ll need to provide an assortment of different Spanish treats if you want your Christmas dinner to be truly authentic. Here are just a couple of recipes that will keep you busy in the kitchen!

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