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What To Eat For A Spanish Easter Sunday

Every country has their own unique delicacies that they enjoy on special occasions, and Spain is no different, with the Mediterranean country offering a host of delicious treats during Easter.

Here are just some of the scrumptious delicacies you can enjoy over the holiday.

– Cordero asado

 Many people eat lamb on Easter Sunday and the Spanish love to cook cordero asado, roast lamb served with plenty of garlic. This traditional recipe is great for large gatherings, and is best accompanied with sticky roast potatoes.

– Alubias verdes con ajo

 This green beans with garlic dish is a favourite side and very easy to make. Simply sauté minced garlic before adding steamed green beans until they are crispy. These fresh greens will lighten up the heavy meat and are deliciously moreish.

– Patatas gratinadas

 Patatas gratinadas, or potatoes au gratin as you might be more familiar with, is popular in northern Spain. Slice potatoes and layer them in a dish with a cheese sauce.

What makes this dish especially creamy is the cured sheep’s milk cheese that is most commonly used. Typically, Spanish pancetta is added for a slightly salty flavouring and it is garnished with fresh thyme.

Manchego is a great choice and you can buy the delicious Spanish cheese here.

– Mona de Pascua

 Of course, no celebration is complete without a cake, and one of the most popular desserts eaten during Semana Santa – Easter Week – is la Mona de Pascua.

Traditionally, these cakes look like huge doughnuts topped with boiled eggs. However, these days, the ‘doughnut’ is usually glazed with chocolate icing, covered with flaked almonds and decorated with chocolate eggs, instead of boiled ones!

Expect to see lots of feathers and chicks on these colourful desserts as well!