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Enjoy Your Spring Vegetables With Alioli

Crack out the olive wood boards and Spanish red wine when the first of the new spring vegetables comes into season in the next few weeks, and enjoy it all with alioli.

Alioli is eaten across parts of Spain as well as France and Italy, and with good reason: its strong garlic punch is completely addictive and makes everything you eat it with taste better. It looks like a garlic mayonnaise, but be warned, this is just made with garlic and olive oil.

It is best served cool and eaten within two days of making it otherwise it will spoil. It is very commonly used in Catalan and Provençal cooking, which are generally heavy on the vegetables. Therefore, use this sauce with your spring vegetables, and enjoy the best of both the UK and Spain.

Try dipping your asparagus into alioli, as an alternative to hollandaise. If you want a more substantial meal then try mixing it with mixed grilled spring vegetables in pitta pockets for an easy supper after a hard day’s work.

If you like this approach then try the Provençal way of eating it with various boiled vegetables and poached fish.

Or take a leaf out of the Occitan’s book, and serve it with fish. In Occitan, Italy, the sauce is also served with potatoes that have been boiled with salt and bay.

If you want to try making it yourself that try out these recipes. You only need a pestle and mortar to get this right first time.