Basque startup OSITO & Co. brings innovation to the market in the form of the world’s first alcoholic gummy bears !

Is it possible to eat alcohol? That’s what Ander, Tamar and Julen, the young creators of alcohol gummy bears asked themselves. A product that has aroused criticism and praise since its release. 

OSITO&co has created a candy with an alcohol content of 15%.

Tamar, co-founder of OSITO & Co and young Law and Economics student confesses that she has replaced drinks for gummy bears partly because “they have less calories and are gluten free”. She assures us that it’s been a great and original way to go partying because the gummy bears have let her meet new people wherever she goes.

But not everyone has liked the story. Under age consumption of alcohol is something that’s not only illegal, but harmful for Children under 18 especially. Given this situation, the founders clarify that “the product is only sold to those of legal age, like any other alcoholic product. We take the necessary measures to make it this way”.

This invention has been developed in the University of the Basque Country, in collaboration with experts and funded with a grant. “Due to the support of the university we have overtaken our competitors; we know that there are other companies researching to develop their own alcoholic candy”, assures Julen, who is in charge of logistics.

The development of the final product has required almost two years in which OSITO&co had to experiment with ‘thousands of gummy bears”. However, Ander Méndez insists on clarifying that “no bears were harmed in the development of this project”.

When eating gummy bears with alcohol, you’re taking on the giant Haribo. “The german company demanded that we ceased trading our gummy bears with alcohol and that Ositos give them “the ownership” of this Internet domain’.  As you can see we forged ahead regardless.  We appeared in The Guardian and in BILD: “The Basque  gummy bears against the German giant”.

Ositos (Spanish for Bears) Alcoholic Gummy Bears are sold in the UK through Pure Spain Limited.  The Gummy Bears are availble in 5 flavours:

  • Gin + Strawberry
  • Vodka + Orange
  • Tequila + Lemon
  • Rum + Pineapple
  • Whisky + Coke 

Further information and imagery is available at

The solid alcoholic sweets that can be eaten anywhere;  great at home, parties, music festivals, picnics – almost anywhere you can think of!

Great eaten on their own at room temperature, but they can also be refreshing when eaten straight from the fridge or frozen and used as ice in a cocktail.  You are only limited by your imagination!