Spain’s Finest Jamon & Charcuterie delivered direct to your door by Pure Spain

Cinco Jotas is a legendary brand with more than 130 years of experience conserving the purity and authenticity of the best, and most coveted, 100% ibérico pork products in the world.

The unique climate in Jabugo impacts the curing process of the ham and helps contribute to what many consider to be the most exclusive ham in Spain.

Pure Spain has agreed an exclusive partnership with Cinco Jotas for the storage and distribution of all UK orders through the Cinco Jotas online shop at – the full range of products are also available to purchase from the Pure Spain website

The range of products includes 100% Iberico Acorn Fed Jamons and Paletas (shoulders), Iberico Lomo (loin), sliced jamon, sliced paleta, sliced presa, ham stands and other branded items.

A Gastronomic Piece of Pure Art

The Cinco Jotas 100% Iberico pig is an indigenous breed exclusive to south-west Spain. Each one has more than two hectares of space to roam from the age of approximately two months to around 18-24 months.  During the period of the ‘montanera’ (when acorns fall from the trees), between October and March, the animals roam about 14km a day to forage for acorns, their main source of food. This is responsible for the meats great texture and sweet taste, while the fat inside the muscle of 100% Ibérico pigs ensures the meat has a strong, distinctive flavour.

The natural curing process takes place in the Jabugo curing cellars over a period of 18 months to three years. The climate gives the best possible combination of temperature and humidity.  All these factors allow Cinco Jotas to guarantee the exquisite taste and exceptionally high quality of its products.

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