International Sherry Week:  6th – 12th November 2023

Sherry is a fortified wine that originates from the Andalusia region of Spain, and it has a unique and diverse range of flavours and styles, which contribute to its popularity among wine enthusiasts. Here are some reasons why people love Sherry:

1. Complexity of flavors: Sherry offers a wide spectrum of flavours, from dry and nutty to sweet and rich. This diversity can cater to a broad range of taste preferences, making it a versatile wine choice for different occasions and dishes.

2. Versatility: Sherry can be enjoyed as an aperitif or paired with a variety of foods. Its versatility allows it to be paired with both savoury and sweet dishes, making it an excellent choice for many types of meals.

3. Aging potential: Sherry wines can be aged for extended periods, which enhances their complexity and depth of flavour. Some Sherry styles, such as Fino and Amontillado, are aged under a protective layer of flor yeast, which imparts unique characteristics to the wine.

4. Unique production process: Sherry is made using a solera system, a fractional blending and aging process that allows older wines to be continuously mixed with younger ones. This method contributes to the consistency and quality of Sherry.

5. Historical and cultural significance: Sherry has a long history dating back centuries, and it has cultural significance in the region of Andalusia, Spain. People often appreciate the tradition and craftsmanship behind the production of Sherry.

6. Refreshing and versatile styles: Dry styles of Sherry, like Fino and Manzanilla, are known for their refreshing and crisp qualities, making them popular choices for warm weather or as aperitifs. On the other hand, sweet Sherry styles like Pedro Ximénez and Cream Sherries offer a rich and dessert-like experience.

7. Affordable options: Sherry is often considered an excellent value for its quality and complexity, especially when compared to other wines with similar aging potential.

8. Unique glassware and serving rituals: Sherry is traditionally served in specific types of glasses, and there are various rituals associated with its consumption, such as the “Venencia” for drawing Sherry from the cask to the glass, which adds to the overall experience.

9. Pairing with food: Sherry is known for its excellent food-pairing capabilities. It can complement a wide range of dishes, from tapas, jamon and seafood to cheeses and desserts.

10. Growing interest: In recent years, there has been a resurgence of interest in Sherry, with sommeliers, mixologists, and wine enthusiasts exploring its diverse styles and experimenting with Sherry-based cocktails.

Overall, the diverse range of Sherry styles and its ability to offer unique and memorable drinking experiences make it a beloved choice for many people during Sherry week and beyond.

Pure Spain recommends Osborne Fino Quinta Sherry :  a classic balanced Fino Sherry, ideal as an aperitif. Perfect alongside mature cheeses, olives or almonds or as an alternative to white wine with seafood and all kinds of fish dishes.