Rather like ouzo, Anis del Mono is an anisette liqueur traditionally drunk after a meal.  

Anis del Mono is one of the most famous brands in Spain, and immediately recognisable for the ‘cheeky monkey’ image on the logo. 

The monkey logo was inspired by an American businessman’s gift of a monkey to Vicente Bosch the founder of the aniseed spirit back in 1870.

The diamond pattern on the bottle, was inspired by a shopping trip to Paris, when Vicente was stumbled across a perfume bottle for his wife. 

Anis del Mono is available in ‘Dulce’ (sweet) red label and ‘Secco’ (dry) green label. 

Anis del Mono Dulce is a sweet Spanish aniseed liqueur made from distilled anises and other aromatic seeds such as Green anise, Anise seeds (Pimpinella Anisum) and Star Anise.  Stilled in copper alambiques into which get added aromatic herbs, cane sugar, neutral alcohol and distilled water.

On the palate the spirit is smooth and mild, with a mellow sweet taste and a persistent finish.

It can be drunk either neat or mixed with water and ice.

Alcohol Content:
36 % Vol
Storage Instructions:
Cool dry place
Bottle Size:
1 Ltr