This vinegar Gran reserva 25 is made with high quality wines protected by the Montilla-Moriles Designation of Origin. The quality of the raw material is the reason why the vinegars produced by UniCo are of excellent quality and have been aged for more than 25 years.

The balsamic vinegar with P.X. Sacristía Gran Reserva 25 has an intense mahogany color with copper edges, it has a acetic aromas with notes of old vinegar and oak, with great aromatic persistence, reminiscent of its aging in American oak, a pleasant acidity and a distinctive natural fragrance that makes it a truly spectacular and surprising vinegar.

As a dressing it is perfect on cured and blue cheeses, ideal as an ally in Asian Food, perfect for marinating tuna and salmon tartar, as well as dressing any type of cold or warm salad.


Awards VINAVIN GOLD award in Internacional Vinegars contest in 2018


Origin: Andalucia