Gran Reserva 50 vinegar is a vinegar with great personality which is made with superior quality wines by the Montilla-Moriles Protected Designation of Origin. The quality of the raw material is the reason why the vinegars produced by UniCo are of excellent quality and aged by the traditional system of criaderas and soleras in American oak casks.

The Balsamic vinegar of P.X. Sacristía Gran Reserva 50 has an intense and very dark mahogany color. It is full of nuances and aromas reminiscent of raisins, figs, dried apricots, and with great gustatory and aromatic persistence, reminiscent of its aging in American oak wood. The vinegar has a great sweet, elegant and persistent flavor.

As a dressing it is ideal for all dishes where you can appreciate its velvety flavor, perfect to combine with soft meat and fish, and highly recommended for desserts as a perfect companion with strawberries and ice cream. – a match for any Italian balsamic from Modena and much better value!

Awards: VINAVIN GOLD Award in International Vinegar Contest in 2015 and VINAVIN SILVER Award in I


Origin: Andalucia