An artisanal process, a form of production that has been transmitted from generation to generation. A brandy of great aromatic complexity and exceptional quality that has been recognised internationally.

The alchemy of time and the best grape spirits have resulted in a unique brandy. We take care throughout the process so that enjoying brandy Carlos I becomes an exceptional moment in time.


The climate, the grapes, the wood, the winery… There are many elements responsible for the unique flavour of Carlos I. 

The Atlantic west wind, humid and fresh, creates the noblest flavours, such as those of ship’s wood, wet earth and toast. The dry, gusty easterly wind brings Mediterranean aromas such as orange peel, wicker, aged wine, apricot and plum.

Ageing in casks, which contained our finest Oloroso and Amontillado sherries for more than 20 years, gives Carlos I it’s unique flavour. The Amontillado adds finesse and almond and hazelnut flavours, while the Oloroso enriches it with nutty aromas, old oak, and greater tannins, thus achieving the bouquet, the noble and elegant flavour of our brandies.

Everything, added together and combined in perfect harmony, creates our exceptional brandy.

Alc 40%
Size: 70cl
Origin: Andalucia