Alonso De La Torre – Chocolate Soap

Alonso de la Torre take care of the health of your skin and hair as well as the planet.  All their products are handmade with natural ingredients and designed to clean, moisturise and care for your skin and hair. The packaging is designed with the same love as the product and wrapped and labelled by hand.  Alonso De La Torre promote a  responsible way of consuming,  living and of taking care of our planet.

They have created this soap for chocolate lovers. It’s sweet and sophisticated, with a note of orange that provides freshness, Cocoa that exfoliates and pampers your skin and Cinnamon that tones and cleanses the skin. Cocoa deeply hydrates and regenerates, reduces sagging, provides elasticity and also has antioxidant and anti-wrinkle properties. Cinnamon deeply cleanses, eliminates blackheads and removes dead skin cells; it stimulates blood circulation and softens and moisturizes. Orange is a natural antioxidant, it prevents wrinkles and balances skin tone, refreshes, revitalizes and soothes.

Gijón (Asturias)