A great tasting Iberico Bellota  hot chorizo from Jesus Marcos in Salamanca with a real extra kick, sourced from acorn fed Iberian pigs.  An essential element of good tapas. This Iberico super picante chorizo is our most popular selling chorizo – a delicious mature taste with an extra picante (hot) finish.

Useful information:  This chorizo is cured for 8 weeks and is ready to eat straight from the pack.  It can be sliced and used for tapas or you can use it in cooking to add distinctive flavours to your favourite dishes (perfect with any rice or chicken dishes and of course Paella!).  Unopened it will last for up to 12 months. Once opened store out of the fridge in a dry environment at room temperature (larders are perfect!). Hang up using the attached string and wrap a bit of foil over the cut end. The chorizo will last for up to 6- 8 weeks after opening.  

400g approx

Origin: Castile-Leon