Fino Sherry – Dios Baco


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Dry, crisp and aromatic sherry from Jerez

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Fino sherry is made from Palomino Fino grapes, which develop a layer of white yeast – the ‘flor’ – in the cool damp air of the Bodegas – only those with a particularly good ‘flor’ are made into Finos, as this keeps the wine from oxidising; those with less ‘flor’ become Olorosos. It is aged in American oak barrels using the traditional Criadera y Solera system.

Dios Baco is a pale straw colour, dry, crisp & aromatic on the palate with notes of olive and apple, yet rich and with a full soft finish.

Serve the Fino well chilled as an aperitif or with a starter, seafood, oysters and white fish. Keep in the refrigerator and drink within a few days for optimal freshness.

15% ABV



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