The Gin and Tonic revolution is upon us and nowhere more than in Spain where there is a passion for creating the perfect gin and tonic. Adding key botanicals to transform the flavour is a typical ‘event’ in any Spanish bar. In this set you will find vanilla pods, pink pepper, cinnamon, cardamom, juniper berries, jamaican pepper and star anise . This selection is chosen from the best botanicals available, to achieve the aroma and hues of a good gin & tonic. have produced this beautiful botanicals box set which comprises a measure cup (known as a ‘jigger’), braided spoon, and the following seven spices:

  • Cardamom –  Net weight: 5g 0.18oz. It has an intense and characteristic aroma and taste (with mint, citric, sweet and acrid tones) Use sparingly!  
  • Juniper Berries –  Net weight: 45g 1.59oz.   It is the main ingredient of any kind of gin, and it provides a sweet flavor, somewhat spicy and slightly sour. Mash two berries or give it a sharp thud to release all its essence.
  • Pink Pepper – Net weight: 10g 0.35oz    This spice is slightly sweet, with a citrus fruit-like flavor and a subtle hot finish. It combines really well with many different kinds of gin.
  • Vanilla Pods – Net weight: 5g 0.18oz  Take a piece to get an intense sweet flavor.
  • Quilling Cinnamon  – Net weight: 20g 0.71oz  Wrap your gin and tonic in a sweet, pleasant as well as delicate and intense taste.
  • Jamaican Pepper – Net weight: 20g 0.7oz   It features an aroma that is reminiscent of clove, cinnamon and nutmeg. Squeeze a couple of peppercorns in your hand in order to release all its flavor.
  • Star Anise –  Net weight: 20g 0.71g

    They have a sweet flavor resembling that of licorice. They will provide a soft, sweet scent to your gin & tonic with some anise-like aroma.

Just add a small amount of the selected spices to your neat gin before adding the tonic and transform its flavour.  The box set is beautifully presented and comes with a drinks recipe guide and instructions on how to get the best results from your set of invigorating spices.