Description have produced this premium gin cocktail gift set which comprises a measure cup (known as a ‘jigger’), two 85ml balloon glasses, and the following two spices:

Cardomom – Net weight 5gm 0.18oz. It has an intense & characteristic aroma and taste (with mint, citric and acrid tones) Use sparingly!

Pink Pepper – Net weight 10g 0.35oz. This spice is slightly sweet, with a citric fruit-like flavour and a subtle warm finish. It combines really well with many different gins

Just add a small amount of the selected spices to your neat gin before adding the tonic and transform its flavour.  

The balloon glasses are made from ultra-clear glass, are dishwasher proof and, most importantly, help to accentuate the aromas in your gin cocktail. The jigger is made of stainless steel and has two spirit measuring options.

This is a great gift idea and complements our gin botanical tube sets when you need a top up of botanicals!

Box dimensions:  H 22cm   W 13cm   L 35cm