Welcome to the world of Txakoli or Txakolina (a Basque word, pronounced chac-o-lee, meaning ‘wine made from a village’) This bracing, refreshing, often lightly carbonated white wine is enjoyed throughout the Basque country. In restaurants and pintxos bars, on terraces overlooking the ocean or in dark, rustic wood-and-stone cellars, you can’t help but notice Txakoli everywhere, especially as it is often poured in an exuberant arc from a bottle held high above the shoulder into tumblers to create a burst of bubbles in the glass.

Gorrondona Txacoli Blanco is a white wine made mostly with Hondarrabi Zuri, and also with Mune Mahatsa and 5% of other varieties.  They are manually harvested and placed in boxes. Once they arrive at the winery, they are destemmed and pressed. Fermentation is carried out with local yeasts in stainless steel deposits. Cold stabilisation.

A high quality zesty, refreshing white from the best producer in the Txakoli region. Citrus and floral notes with salty, mineral complexity.


Origin: Basque Country