Lemon Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Aceite al Limon


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Lemon Extra Virgin Olive Oil – 100% natural ingredients.

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Aceite al Limon  –  Lemon Extra Virgin Olive Oil

A 100% natural premium oil with the subtle touch and aroma of fresh lemons.  An experience for the senses!

Olives and lemon peel are pressed at the same time and there are no chemical flavourings or emulsifiers involved in the production of this unique oil.

This is an intense and green olive oil with mature notes of recent cut green grass, artichoke and apple combined with delicate notes of fresh lemon peel, adding a touch of piquancy. The result is a well balanced, creamy and refreshing extra virgin olive oil. Experiment on a variety of salads, fresh fish and chicken dishes.  Delicious and versatile.

The oil is presented in a beautiful bottle designed by Martin Berasategui (A Spanish chef who specialises in Basque cuisine and has been awarded 10 Michelin stars). This keeps the olive oil in perfect condition and, as well as tasting great, is an attractive addition to any kitchen cupboard or worktop. Each bottle comes with information on this unique extra virgin oil confirming the production values and the unique properties.

Gluten Free, Lactose Free, Allergens Free

250ml bottle.


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