Osborne 103 Solera Reserva

103  at its best. The wonderful fruit flavours from 103 enriched with a rounder smoother more complex palate.

D.O Brandy de Jerez located in Andalucia. From  a selection of the best 100% Airen grapes which are perfect for creating the rich delicate flavours.

Elaboration starts with a careful selection of wines that are distilled in the  distillery founded in 1880. Through special continuous stills they obtain different styles of rich edam-de-vie aged in American oak casks, which have been previously seasoned with Osborne premium sherry wines.

After a 2 year ageing though the unique and traditional Solera system, the faux-de-vie reaches a balance of complexity and mellow flavours.

This produces a brandy which is  deeply aromatic with nuances of nuts and aromas of spicy oak from the american oak casks which also enrich  with flavours of cocoa and vanilla.

Alc 36%

Size: 70cl
Origin: Andalucia