The Rum Botanicals starter pack with three different botanicals to create the perfect rum-based drink

Adding key botanicals to transform the flavour is a typical ‘event’ in any Spanish bar and can now be reproduced at home with the Rum Botanicals pack.

One of the best spice producers in Spain have produced this box set of three glass tubes containing the 3 most popular spices used with rum based drinks to give them an extra lift.

Just add a small amount of the selected spices (it is recommended to add no more that two different flavours) to your neat rum before adding the mixer and transform its flavour. Don’t forget to add plenty of ice too! Each pack comes with instructions so if you like Rum based drinks then this is for you!

The pack includes

Brasilian Coffee Beans – great with a Cuba Libre, providing a rich flavour, with slightly bitter aftertaste.

Orange peel – It has an intense taste to give your drink a unique citrus kick

 Vanilla – take a small piece to give your rum an intense sweetness.



3 x 10g tubes


Origin: Alicante