This is the first gin that uses the world’s most expensive saffron – saffron from La Mancha with its own Denomination de Origin.

Karkom Gin Premium is made using seven different aromatic plants. The result is a premium Gin with an aromatic and balanced presence which is unique due to the star ingredient – Saffron.  Other botanicals used in the distillation of Karkom Gin are juniper, cardamom, nutmeg. licorice, smoked thyme and smoked rosemary.

Distilled three times, it has a manicured golden colour due to the infusion of saffron, which is added at the end of the distillation process to maintain its aroma and color in the final product

Try it with a neutral tonic, a twist of orange peel and ice or drink very chilled on it own!

This is the only gin in the world distilled with Saffron de La Mancha D.O.  It is packaged in a beautiful bottle too!  


Origin: La Mancha