Salchichon Vela Bellota Iberico 400g approx

Made from Iberian Acorn Fed pigs, this Salchichon is made with the finest quality meat giving it a great flavour. It is cured with spices and black pepper and has a milder flavour than picante chorizos. A perfect accompaniment to sliced jamon & chorizo on your charcuterie platter.
Useful information:  Our salchichon is cured for 8 weeks and is ready to eat straight from the pack.  It can be sliced and used for tapas or you can use it in cooking – great on pizza with rocket and a milder alternative to chorizo in pasta dishes. Unopened it will last for up to 12 months. Once opened store out of the fridge in a dry environment at room temperature (larders are perfect!). Hang up using the attached string and wrap a bit of foil over the cut end. The salchichon will last for up to 6- 8 weeks after opening.

Origin: Castile-Leon