Santamania gin awards

The ultimate “blend your own Gin & Tonic” kit. Three botanicals combine with premium Santamania Gin to ensure you make the perfect Gin & Tonic.

 The Gin and Tonic revolution is upon us and nowhere more than in Spain where there is a passion for creating the perfect gin and tonic. Adding key botanicals to accentuate the aromas & flavours is a typical ‘event’ in any Spanish bar and can now be reproduced at home with the Gin and Tonic botanicals pack.

One of the best spice producers in Spain have produced this box set of three glass tubes containing the 3 most popular spices used in the distilling of gin to give your gin and tonic an extra lift.  Just add a small amount of the selected botanical to your neat Santamania gin before adding the tonic to enhance the aromas and flavours. Don’t forget to add plenty of ice too! Each pack comes with a recipe guide so if you like gin & tonic this is for you!

  • Juniper Berries – the main ingredient of any kind of gin, providing a sweet flavour, somewhat spicy and slightly bitter aftertaste. Mash two berries together to release the essence 
  • Cardamom – It has an intense and characteristic aroma and taste (with mint, citric, sweet and acrid tones). Use sparingly! 
  • Pink pepper – It is slightly sweet, with a citrus fruit-like flavour and a bit of heat. It combines well with most kinds of gin.

Santamania London Dry Gin is a small batch, hand-crafted London Dry gin from Madrid’s premiere urban distillery; Santamania are passionate about craftsmenship and quality. Their gins are distilled in small batches (never more than 1000 bottles) resulting in award-winning,complex gins fit for a king!

70 cl bottle    41% proof