“Bastarde”  – Vino Picante (Spicy Red Wine)


How brave are you?  We are introducing the aptly named “Bastarde Vino Picante” – the hottest and spiciest wine that humanity has dared to create! 

Each bottle of this red wine contains around a quarter pound of fresh habanero chilli peppers.  “Bastarde” spicy wine is made from red Grenache grapes grown in the Spanish region of Aragon.

All the ingredients are natural.  “Bastarde” wine contains no artificial ingredients, colours or flavours. Every ingredient has been cultivated, harvested, grown and processed organically.

A good accompaniment for curries, red meat, pork and BBQs.  Serve at room temperature, just like any other red wine.  Spice up your life!

Gluten Free / Vegan / No added Sugar or Artificial Sweeteners

75cl Bottle   11.5%