Welcome to the world of Txakoli or Txakolina (a Basque word, pronounced chac-o-lee, meaning ‘wine made from a village’) This bracing, refreshing, often lightly carbonated white wine is enjoyed throughout the Basque country. In restaurants and pintxos bars, on terraces overlooking the ocean or in dark, rustic wood-and-stone cellars, you can’t help but notice Txakoli everywhere, especially as it is often poured in an exuberant arc from a bottle held high above the shoulder into tumblers to create a burst of bubbles in the glass.

Pure Spain imports Txacoli Egia Enea which comes from the appellation of Bizkaiko Txakolina, centered in the hills outside  Bilbao, where the wines tend to be less fizzy and a bit fuller and rounder. It derives its name from the province of Vizcaya meaning Biscay in Basque – a reference to the Bay of Biscay which the appellation fringes on. Bizkaiko Txakolina is one of only three recognised areas for Txakoli

Hondarrabi Zuri is the main grape variety, a white grape grown virtually nowhere else but in the Basque Country.  Straw-coloured and aromatically complex, it offers lime, white ripe fruits with a slight hint of spice, minerals and smoke. It has good depth in the mouth, yet with a crispness which keeps it fresh and lively.  Perfect Summer drinking on its own but great with fish, white meats, salads and long lazy BBQs!

Txakoli Egin Enea was awarded a Silver Bacchus by the Spanish Wine Tasters Association.

70cl   13%     2012 vintage

Origin: Basque Country