Saffron Gin

Saffron GinIn august Fiona Beckett of the Guardian wrote a fascinating article on the Hipness of Gin.

There is no doubt that Gin seems to be flavour of the moment. In the UK alone Gin sales are looking to by-pass the £1bn mark in 2017.

Yet despite this crowded market place, the Pure Spain team felt the need to introduce a new Gin to the UK – Saffron Gin.

Saffron Gin by Karkom instantly distinguishes itself from the crowd in one obvious way – its colour. The orange hue captured in the transparent bottle juxtaposes the traditional concept of a “white spirit”, which, on an over-crowded bar shelf helps communicate its uniqueness.

Saffron Gin is produced by Azafranes Manchegos and is based in Alcala de la Júcar (Albacete) an enclave in the region of La Mancha, Spain. The House of Azafranes Manchegos has 5 generations of experience in producing some of the highest quality Saffron in the world and this is the first gin that uses the world’s most expensive saffron from La Mancha with its own Denomination de Origin.

So with this established heritage producing Saffron, Francisco Martínez, the current managing director and fifth generation of his family, started producing this unique Gin.

The result is a hand-crafted gin that is distilled three times using seven key botanical and aromatic plants, including;

  • Juniper
  • Cardamom
  • Nutmeg
  • Licorice
  • smoked thyme
  • smoked rosemary
  • saffron

This is one of the most unique gins on the market. It is a highly aromatic gin, in no small part due the star ingredient. It is fresh and pleasant on the palate.

The Gin is 40% VOL and in a 70 cl bottle.

Try it with a neutral tonic, a twist of orange peel and ice or drink very chilled on it own! Here’s the recipe for a perfect saffron gin and tonic – salud!

• 5 CL. GIN Karkom
• 20 CL. TONIC NEUTRAL (Fever Tree or Vichy Catalan Tonic) for example