In combination with vision and tactility, smell and the other apparently “non-spatial” senses provide considerable enrichment of our sense of space and the character of a place”.  (The Smell Reader, edited by Jim Drobnick).

This means we can easily associate determinate smell to places we have visited or places we have lived in.  The scent of the rosemary outside our house, the fragrance of the roses in our neighbours’ garden or the smell of wet grass in the country side, for sure all of us have in mind a specific smell we can associate to a determinate place.

With this in mind it would be interesting to know what smells are associaated with the various cities and regions of Spain.  For example Lavender in Barcelona, orange blossom in Seville or citruses in Valencia.  These are some of the scents which are typical in Spanish culture.

Govalis, who make wonderful soy wax candles, have developed a range to transport you to wherever you want in Spain.  These stunning candles have been crafted to capture the essence of Spanish cities, regions and islands through the medium of smell!  From San Sebastian to Sevilla to Malaga and Menorca and beyond these unique scents capture those top notes of marine, citrus, floral and blossom.