Foodies with a deep respect for Spanish cuisine will be delighted to hear that Ferran Adria, of El Bulli fame, is producing a definitive culinary encyclopedia.

According to The Olive Press, the head chef of the five-time Best Restaurant in the World-winning dining establishment, is publishing Bullipedia in 35 volumes, the first of which was published in November.

So if you don’t know your choricero from your ñora peppers – or even if you do – then you can start building your collection.

Mr Adria is currently working on the second part of the Bebidas section, which examines the culture and composition of the history of beverage-making.

On drinks alone, there will be nine separate books, each 500 pages in length, before we even get started on the food section.

Mr Adria was quoted by the culinary news outlet as saying: “This is a project for crazy people and it will take years and years to create.”

The chef began his career as a dishwasher age 18 and was head chef of El Bulli before he was 25. A pioneer in molecular gastronomy, he runs a cookery school in Catalunya at El Bulli, which ended its life as a restaurant in 2011 – much to the dismay of the gastro world.

The Bullipedia will be released bit by bit over the coming five years with each book costing €75 (£66).

If you can’t wait for the wine section of the Bullipedia to be released, Decanter recently published some helpful pairing advice for Spanish wines, recommending Gran Reserva Rioja be partnered with grilled pigeon, while Cava Paraje Calificado goes well with lamb and roast fruits.