You will be spoilt for choice if you’re travelling to France this summer and looking to pick out a nice bottle of wine for an evening meal. Whether it’s white or red, the French certainly know how to offer a wide selection that will suit everyone’s taste buds. However, Spanish blue wine has made its way to the country and is proving to be a popular choice.

Sky News reports that French entrepreneur René Le Bail is shaking up the wine choice for red and wine enthusiasts with the introduction of Vindigo. The wine is an entirely natural white chardonnay, but its colour comes after it’s passed through the pulp of red grape skins.

The wine was not an immediate hit in France. In fact, Mr Le Bail was producing the wine in Almeria, Spain, and initially struggled to catch people’s interest in his home country. However, that has since changed with approximately 35,000 bottles of Vindigo on sale in the port city of Sète in the south of France.

You will find that the bottle of blue – like a red, white or rosé – can be purchased for around €12 (£10.70) in France.

Speaking to the French newspaper Les Échos, Mr Le Bail said Vindigo was “ideal for the summer, to drink on the sand or at the edge of the swimming pool”. For those interested in what it tastes like – there will be many out there – he said the drink has “cherry aromas” and has a hint of blackberry and passionfruit.

Of course, blue wine is already proving to be popular with many people. However, the demand for Vindigo is not only in France now, as countries like Britain, Italy, Belgium, China and Indonesia have shown an interest in it.