If you’re looking for a new summer drink this year, look no further than Spanish cider for something with plenty of flavour, that’s refreshing and that’s a bit different.

Much like craft beer, craft cider is enjoying a boom in the UK. The Guardian recently revealed that sales of craft cider were up by 17 per cent last year, indicating that the public are certainly getting behind the idea of specialist ciders as much as they are specialist beers.

And although there are plenty of British cider makers hoping to capitalise on the growing popularity of the drink, those producing and selling Spanish cider can also introduce their twist on this refreshing beverage.

Last year, a blog for Culture Trip explored the origins of Spanish cider and explained why this variation of the drink is different to what you might find elsewhere in Europe.

Firstly, most Spanish cider is produced in the Asturias region of the country, so when you’re shopping for the drink it’s worth checking that it was produced here, as this is considered the best place for cider production.

Secondly, Spanish ciders tend to be much drier than those produced in Ireland. They contain no added sugar and are typically not sparkling. In terms of their colour, they’re often cloudy too, so they can look quite different to British and Irish ciders.

And if you’re serving this beverage to friends at a party, you may want to perfect your serving technique. According to the blog, the cider should be poured into a small glass from a very great height, introducing air bubbles in the process. This apparently enables the drinker to fully enjoy the flavour of the cider.