Pure Spain have always looked to take a responsible attiude towards the environment that we live in and enjoy.  This is demonstrated daily with our 100% recyclable packaging materials,  as your orders are readied for despatch.

Our new supplier – Alonso de la Torre – is a new Spanish skincare brand that takes care of the health of your skin and hair as well as the planet.  All their products are handmade with natural ingredients and designed to clean, moisturise and care for your skin and hair. Alonso de la Torre create beautiful soaps, conditioners and shampoos with natural products and without neglecting the beautiful side of life – the one that makes you happy –  because that is also importaant for our health.

The packaging is designed with the same love as the product, so that the wellness experience starts from the very beginning. We are looking for a more responsible way of consuming, of living and of taking care of you and your loved ones so all the products are handmade with natural ingredients. Wrapped and labelled by hand, one by one, with the same care with which they were designed to care for, clean and moisturize your skin and hair without irritating them. Alonso de la Torre also have a product lines for pets.

Why not discover our ‘solid shampoo’ –  with a mild surface active agent from coconut, gentle on the scalp and easily degradable. No preservatives or colorants. 70 g shampoo tablet with indigo, argan oil and aloe vera and with a relaxing lavender scent. Wrapped in pleated parchment paper suitable for cosmetic use.

With our natural world under threat every little helps!