There are some dishes to come out of Spain that we’re all familiar with. Paella is the first one that springs to mind, while many will be acquainted with patatas bravas – a popular tapas dish – as well.

But website Brit has highlighted some of the top Spanish cuisine to try that you may not be so familiar with. Bacalao a la Llauna is first on the list – a simple pairing of fresh cod and beans, which is cooked in a tin baking dish.

Chorizo a la sidra – or chorizo in cider – is a classic taste of northern Spain, the website notes. It’s hearty and warming – perfect to serve with fresh bread.

You could try whipping up this particular dish yourself if you order some Spanish cider and chorizo to ensure you have authentic ingredients to get the flavours just right.

Tortilla Espanola is another meal to watch out for. This is very similar to an egg frittata, combining fried potatoes and egg that can either be eaten plain or served in a baguette as a lunchtime snack.

Seafood is a staple in Spanish diets, particularly in the south of the country, so if you’re visiting you’re likely to come across pescaito frito – which translates as deep-fried fish. The website notes that “a variety of seafood gets battered and served in this misnomer of a dish”, so don’t be surprised if you find the likes of calamari in a portion.

It isn’t only Spanish food that’s special – the nation’s wine can be delicious too. A particular speciality is blue wine, which combines red and white grapes and the addition of an organic pigment extracted from red grape skins which gives it its blue colour.