Spanish salt is the perfect accompaniment to your Marcona almonds, but if you haven’t yet sampled this Spanish delicacy then you may be wondering what all the fuss is about.

Marcona almonds are a specific variety of almond that is grown in Marcona, Spain. They have been particularly popular in the US for some time now, and are just starting to emerge in popularity in the UK. Marcona almonds are noted for their strong, sweet, almost marzipan-like depth of flavour, which is much stronger than the taste of standard California almonds.

They look different too, and are much rounder, and shorter than pointy Californian almonds. They appear much shinier, and are almost waxy in appearance.

They are an important constituent of tapas in many parts of Spain, and you should avail yourself to try them if the opportunity arises on a trip to Spain. If that isn’t happening any time soon and you can’t wait then do browse our online store for them. We have two varieties, caramelised and salted.

If you can lay your hands on raw Marcona almonds then try making them tapas style yourself, by sautéing them in oil and tossing them in salt, much like you would padron peppers.

They make a perfect tapas dish on their own, or to have with a cold dry sherry when the hot weather finally gets here, but if you want to make more of a meal with it then pair with membrillo and manchego for a perfectly balanced gastronomic event.